Pitch me a project.

I offer in-depth, practical editorial criticism of both poetry and prose manuscripts. This includes chapbooks, essays, short stories, novels, et alia. Together, we will try to better understand your work with an eye to it's structural, stylistic, and substantive qualities.

All submissions must be submitted in 11 pt. font, either in Calibri, Ariel, Times New Roman, or Garamond. Manuscripts of poetry must not contain more than one poem per page, unless the poems in question are epigrammatically brief.

  • Short Form Poetry (poems shorter than one page) - $10.50 per poem

  • Long Form Poetry (collections 20 + pages in length or 20+ poems - $9.50 per page

  • Prose - $8.50 per page

  • Consultation (via phone or zoom) - $75 per session